The SAPIN II Law regulates transparency, the fight against corruption, and the modernisation of economic life, thus creating many new obligations. In force since 1 June 2017, this law applies to a large number of companies. The text requires putting in place a multitude of procedures and appropriate controls. 

In confronting these new obligations, Consors Intelligence helps you obtain rapid compliance through the implementation of a system of simple and effective actions :

  • Due Diligence as part of the third-party evaluation procedure with regard to risk mapping.
  • Diagnosis of your current practices towards detecting and preventing the risk of corruption..
  • Awareness-raising and training of your employees.
  • Realisation of your risk mapping.
  • Completing a roadmap with an implementation guide. 
  • Custom support for the implementation of :
    - A code of ethics and related policies.
    - A training program.
    - Indicators for monitoring your corruption prevention program.
    - Accounting and financial internal control procedures.